Practice management

We excel in managing all business aspects of a medical practice including financials, human resources, information technology, compliance, marketing, and operations

  • Cash flow –  maximization by managing revenue cycles

  • Mitigate risk –  with strong compliance programs

  • Strengthen – the business with good financial planning and corporate structure

With pressures of cost reduction, greater compliance, and technology implementation that are headlines in health care today, managing a medical practice is complex. For that reason, we have a team of intelligent people, that coordinate efforts that provide for the health and well being of your customer, the patient.

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Chronic Care management

Chronic care management, encompasses the oversight and education activities conducted by health care professionals to help patients with chronic diseases and health conditions.

  • Double reimbursement with efficient CCM methods and practices with the same staff

  • Quality of care – increases substantially as noted by patients themselves and family members

  • Minimize risk by transferring EHR data, no technical setup and support by our trained staff.

With new billing codes, practices now have the opportunity to obtain reimbursement for care management and population health services that are often provided to patients without compensation. Let’s get our software, your services and offer it your patients, from day one.

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Telehealth is the distribution of health-related services and information via electronic information and telecommunication technologies

  • Bridge the gap in case of rural settings, lack of transport, a lack of mobility, or lack of staff

  • Remote monitoring– enables you to monitor a patient remotely using technological devices

  • Research Led – Nam ac pharetra nibh. Nullam eu magna sit

Telehealth could include two clinicians discussing a case over video conference; a robotic surgery occurring through remote access; physical therapy done via digital monitoring instruments, live feed and application combinations. In all cases, we have the software, personnel and support to make it happen for you.

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Medical Billing

Medical billing is the process involving healthcare providers submitting, following up on, and appealing claims with health insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered; such as testing, treatments, and procedures

  • Reduce operating costs IT tools increase the speed, cost and accuracy of medical coding

  • Reduce admin duties – as our internal staff up-to-date on medical coding changes, & modifiers

  • Improve patient engagement your staff focuses on patients, resulting in higher quality of care

We can help you maintain income stability while simultaneously giving you more time to focus on patients. Our team of dedicated billing experts, in-house coding compliance officers, and certified medical coders handle the complete lifecycle of your medical claims.

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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA created regulations to protect patient privacy. It applies to any PHI transmitted by electronic media, maintained in electronic media, transmitted or maintained in any other form or medium.

  • HIPAA compliance starts with us, our systems are fully and completely complaint.

  • Best practice – methods in administrative, physical security, and technical security

  • Complete implementation – we developing, implement and manage your compliance program

In order to effectively protect PHI in electronic format it is imperative that IT professionals understand what and who HIPAA pertains to. We have done our research, learned our lessons and offering our services to you!

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Concierge Services

Concierge Medicine is where doctors provide medical care to Patients – providing 24/7 access, a cell phone number to connect directly with their physician, same-day appointments, visits that last as long as it takes to address their needs and varying other amenities.

  • Better service – as doctors see their patients more often and for longer periods of time

  • Better relationships – as doctors have better understanding of patient’s medical history & issues

  • More available to answer health questions, often even after business hours

Having a doctor familiar with your entire medical history can help them make important connections and diagnoses. Concierge doctors can recommend specialists as needed and coordinate and track your overall care. Let us help up through the entire process

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Discover The Future

We are a multi-disciplinary healthcare company leveraging information technology practices and tools towards focussed and efficient healthcare delivery

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